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Diabetes Maintenance

When things come up in life, I tend to write about them. In the end, that's what a blog is for, right?  Today is the first day of a 3-day stint of the fun that I get to deal with called a basal block study. (at least that's why my Endocrinologists office calls it)  What does this mean?  Well, this means not much to people without diabetes as your body takes care of the basal insulin properly.  If you haven't read my first Diabetes post, I suggest it as today's post builds off of it quite a bit, start your detour now, and then return.

9 Years Ago...

...I was working 2 jobs over the summer, working at a research lab on the campus of the University of Missouri, and working at Pretzel Time in the Columbia Mall.  The morning of July 24, 2006 I was tasked with going for a physical at one of the satellite clinics of the University of Missouri Hospital.  At the time, I didn't really feel bad at all, it was strange that I was drinking a lot of liquid and urinating quite a lot, both of these are things which many think are too much information, but I think it's vital that people understand some of the signs and symptoms of diseases.  My day went just fine, I went to the Physical exam, answered some questions, had some blood drawn, and then went on my way.  That day I was tasked with working at the research lab, I got some work done, then went home and hung out with my family, that's when it happened. My dad was working at the hospital at the time and it wasn't abnormal for us to receive calls where the caller ID had "