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American Diabetes Month 2015 - Day 1: Intro

This month, November, is considered to be American Diabetes Month by the American Diabetes Association.  What this means is that throughout the entire month of November, my blog will be a bit re-branded in support of this movement.

I did this same call to action last year after doing a little bit of research and attempted to post on my facebook once a day about something that has affected me with respect to diabetes, or some information about diabetes that would potentially help others out.  Today will be much less of information and much more of informing you to look out this month for some more posts.  I can't promise a post a day because I get super busy on the drop of a dime, but I will try to do it daily as I can actually pre-post things to be released at a specific time on my blog.

So, what can you expect from this?  Hopefully some information to help you understand the daily struggles that I go through with diabetes.  How good successes feel, how bad failures feel, and how it's something I have to be actively thinking about at all times.  I hope to provide statistics and links that are freely available so that you all can continue the research if you want to.

This year's Messages from the American Diabetes Association is "Eat Well, America!" and I hope to strive every day in the month of November to have healthy foods at my meals.  Not all of them will be great, but I will try my best.  It's something that I struggle with as all of the foods that are bad for you, are some of the most delicious foods.

If you want more information, and to see the updates from the American Daibetes Associations, please go to their website at


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