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American Diabetes Month 2015: Day 11 - Partnerships

Day 11, and I have some awesome things to talk about.  For the last 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) I've been attending an amazing developers conference in Kansas City called Midwest IO ( where a bunch of amazingly brilliant software engineers, software developers, software architects, etc. (read: nerds) talk about the things we love to do.

The keynote of the conference was about partnerships.  It was an amazing talk and I suggest you watch it because it was amazing to be at and see in person.  But the biggest piece about the talks is that without partnerships, there are issues moving forward and progressing.  Dr. Jeff Norris has 3 examples of partnership opportunities and the outcome of those partnership opportunities.

Similar to some of the examples, many diabetics have a very STRONG partnership with someone who helps them out.  Much of the time, this partnership ends up being with their endocrinologist or one of the staff who works with their endocrinologist.  For some others, it's a partnership with another person who is diabetic and are just looking for the support that helps them realize more things.  Many people try to have multiple partnerships, with both doctors and other fellow diabetic people.  Why is this important?  Because I think that having support is what keeps everyone motivated.  My purpose for keeping these posts going is because if it helps even one person out it's a worthwhile investment of my time.

Partnerships are very important to success, and it's good to have a partnership with those who you rely on.  If you don't have a good partnership with your endocrinologist, try to create one, because it will create a common goal that you both can work on.  Just like you or I get excited about good lab results, so does your doctor.

By the way, Saturday November 14 is World Diabetes Day, join in on some of the information and keep everyone informed!


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