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American Diabetes Month 2015: Day 13 - Rambling about things and stuff

Day 13 (almost didn't post because, you know Lucky 13 and such).  It's been a rough month, rough week.  Things always have a way of causing some major breaking lines within any given time period.  Yesterday really brought me down.

As I said in the past, ordering pump supplies (or really any medical supplies not through a pharmacy) is a pretty terrible experience.  As I stated previously, ordering supplies is a process that should be very easy, there is a history of orders, there's all sorts of credit cards and insurance on file.  Especially with re-orders or orders in the same year for Insurance, and the same conditions (reaching deductible, reaching out of pocket maximum, etc.) it's important for these situations to go without any problems.  I continue to encounter problems with ordering these supplies online from some companies, but have not has the same issues when ordering from other companies.

Additionally, yesterday, I got a crazy error on my CGM sensor that led me to stop it.  I was told early on that I can only go 7 days with a single sensory, but was also told that that time could be extended on a single sensor.  I wanted to test the longevity of a sensor to see if it was worth trying to use it for a second period of time.  I found out today (only 4 days into the second 7-day period) that their longevity is not long enough to make it through a second period.  This is valid for two reasons.  The adhesive that is used to affix the sensor to my body leaves a nice residue when it's been on there with some heat/moisture applied causing for some really fun days of trying to get adhesive residue off of skin (much harder than you can imagine).  Unfortunately, Goo Gone is not skin-friendly (I haven't tried, but I doubt that it's something that would be good) so I just take some time and use friction to have it removed slowly.  The irony is that I'm really happy that it sticks well to my body, but it also sometimes doesn't stick well to my body and falls off prematurely.  Adhesive is crazy, and is flimsy, but strong.  I feel like adhesive has a mind of its own on a regular basis.

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